Etopps News...Football Challenge is a GO


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eTopps cant do any September callups with Baseball.

Football will start in September.

eTopps Pigskin Challenge will start about 5-7 weeks into the season.

watch for the 06 prices continue to rise on guys having a good camp and opening few weeks of the season...if LJ continues to hold out his card will continue to drop...Manning is already at a nuts price, LT will soon follow, unless either gets hurt...

the only dupes i have from 06 football right now are Eli, Calpoon, Byrd, Leinart, and Vick :doh:

also im still feeling the Reggie Bush auto and the Mo Drew auto...Bush price is about at its ceiling selling for up to $45 right now, it spiked at nattys because thats when the auto anticipation started because an autoed etopps Reggie Bush was one of the prizes given out...