Etopps Catalog Tonight 10pm east coast time


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if you have points they are running a Stanley Cup Hockey Special from 7-10pm east coast and then following it up with a full catalog at 10pm east coast, if you have points to spend this will be a decent time, not sure how easy it will be to pull decent cards since most people will be home for this one...

2006 Etopps football prices are way below what you can get for them on CT, so you might want to pick a few of those if you can, i suggest RB/QB as you can still get cheap defense and WR....

i have 50 points, almost traded a 2001 Tomlinson for 55 more points, but i figure $65-$70 worth of stuff out of the catalog over the next few weeks is nothing compared to the $70-$100 i expect this card to see in 2-3 months

Last Catalog I got
2006 Larry Johnson (3pts) 7 day average price $7.43 (one guy has bought 7 of the last 8 sold)
2006 Greg Jennings (4pts) 7 day average price $4.89
2004 Philip Rivers (8pts) (i traded for 9pts)
i harly get anything from the cats . but now i have no points anyways :( i would like some hockey if they have some Lightning ones left like Brad Richards or Vinny Lecaviler
if you have some crap cards package them together on the trade post to pick up some points, or see if anyone wants any of your cards for points, but most of the trades with points are for HOT cards that are undervalued on etopps, 06 Baseball to be used in the game, 06 Football for speculation for a game, 03 Lebron, 01 Tomlinson...