ESPN Layoffs


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WOW! There are a ton of big names there! I do not feel *too* bad for them however. If you have a face for TV and a proven track record...most of these names will end up somewhere, sooner rather than later.
Who I feel do bad for are all of the audio tech, camera operators, boom operators, gaffers, grips, heck even the talent's make up teams. You KNOW that if they let on-air talent of over 10+ years go that they also let go probably TWICE as many behind the scenes employees. Take it from a former control room/audio tech, unfortunately, we are a dime a dozen, These people will he hit the hardest and take the longest to recover.


Bench Warmer
ESPN has lost a lot of important and powerful people due to deaths and layoffs. It's why the network is really struggling right now. My cable provider is currently at war with ESPN/Disney because they want to charge my carrier more for ESPN and DISNEY networks like ABC. Our carrier doesn't want to pass those costs down to us because they feel DISNEY has dug their own grave with bad business decisions.