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end of quarter adds


14 Peyton Manning Jersey cards
3 Peyton Manning RCs including Aurora Championship Fever Platinum Blue /100 :batman:
6 Jordan Lynch Contenders Cracked Ice Autos
1 Shawn Johnson USOC Pin
1 Michael Phelps A&G Relic
5 Rose Namajunas Auto
2 Cam Newton Topps Chrome RCs
2 AJ Green Topps Chrome Orange REF RCs
1 Julio Jones Topps Chrome RC Photo Variant
2 Julio Jones Topps Chrome RC
2 Russell Wilson Topps Chrome RC
2 Andrew Luck Topps Chrome RC
1 Andrew Luck Topps Chrome Refractor RC
1 Ryan Lochte Topps Olympic Silver Auto /30
1 Gracie Gold Gold Medal Relic /25
120 or so mixed autos, football and Olympic...not a bad start to the year...even have a few bucks in paypal


Are these all PC cards, or ones you picked up to flip?

@Cool_Hand_Flash might be interested in these if he doesn't already have them.
to flip of course...for the most part...itll take quite a bit to get me to come up off my Namajunas stuff, and the Gracie is for the PC, I already had base/bronze/silver relics set back, and I 'had' the gold, but moved it to the relic sets, still 4 or 5 cards short of all 4 levels (the non 1/1s) of athlete worn relics...I also already have the base/bronze/silver/gold Ashley Wagners put back...

most of my coin for the year has come from flipping CDs, as in Compact Discs, as in Physical Music...I really haven't sold much in terms of cards, only 39 cards, 2 were Olympic, the other 37 football, a couple Bradys, like 6 letterman fred taylor that ive been sitting on for 3+ years (paid $23 for the lot, which is what I sold the Wes Welker jerseys out of it for, got $75 out of the Taylor)...

I haven't PUT money into my paypal in 8+ years now...don't plan on starting anytime soon, though I do dip into my paypal credit for time to time when I buy something big...twice this year, but I pay it off before it collects interest fees...

dude dragging his feet on the manning stuff...locked up the deal sunday, printed label Tuesday, just shipped this afternoon, so itll be here, Thursday, I sold a cd, itll be there tomorrow...and I charge $3.50 to ship, paid $9 for priority on the manning stuff...yeah, not pleased


got my eBay bucks today, cant really buy anything with it though, only like $5.65...

so before shipping I spent $565 in 3 months on eBay...

what I started the year with in paypal has already been deposited into my bank account and I have like $22 in there...

for COMC when the year started I had a batch processing, so I 'spent' like $125 or so in processing fees, my account is UP $13.81 and has 495 more cards in my inventory...

I know flippers are often the pond scum of the collecting community, but it has funded my hobby for 8+ years now, and for the price of less than nothing (because I pull money from my paypal account yearly instead of put money in) I think ive done pretty well for myself...

I just hope my research pays off on this Peyton Manning card, has a very good chance at being my highest sold card in several years...