Eli not out a month.


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ESPN still insisting it's a month. Giants, Coughlin and Manning saying otherwise. Sorry, no link, this was emailed ot me.

September 10, 2007
Giants’ Manning Has Bruised Shoulder
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- Eli Manning has a bruised right shoulder and it is uncertain whether the New York Giants quarterback will play against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

Manning had an MRI around 1 p.m. on Monday and it revealed a contusion to the acromioclavicular joint, an area where part of the scapula and clavicle meet.

"They have put it in my hands," Manning said of his playing status. "It's how you heal, and when you start to feel good and when you can make the throws. It's not a certain amount of time. It's how long you take to heal. I hope I'm a fast healer."

Manning called his injury a bruised shoulder. Giants coach Tom Coughlin said it was sprained. The Giants public relations staff had a bruised AC joint.

Manning's shoulder will be iced and get electrical stimulation over the next two days. The Giants start practicing for the Packers on Wednesday.

"Everything is probably as good as it can be from the test results," Manning said of the injury to the top of his shoulder. "It's just a matter of when do you have the strength and when do you feel you can throw it full strength, and you'll be out there playing."

The Giants also got some other good news on Monday. Former Pro Bowl defensive end Osi Umenyiora irritated the cartilage in his left knee in the first quarter and his status is day to day. Halfback Brandon Jacobs, who sprained his right knee, will be week to week.

Manning, who has started the last 42 regular-season and playoff games for the Giants dating to 2004, said he wasn't in a lot of pain on Monday evening. He even joked with reporters. He said he brushed his teeth with his right hand, started his car with his right hand and then stuck out his right hand and shook hands with one reporter.

Walking off the field on Sunday night after the 45-35 loss to the Cowboys in Dallas, Manning only stuck out his left hand to greet opponents.

For effect on Monday, Manning even grabbed a pair of shorts hanging in his locker and lifted them three times in a weightlifting move.

"I am not in pain or hurting in any way," said Manning, who completed 28-of-41 passes for 312 yards, four touchdowns and one interception in the loss. "When I can throw the ball, I will be out there throwing."

Manning and Coughlin denied an ESPN report that the quarterback had a separated shoulder and would be out four weeks.

"I don't know where that report came from and I don't know where the information supposedly came from," Coughlin said, adding that if Manning can't play this week "it will be another week."

Jared Lorenzen, who finished up in the Giants' final series, will start if Manning can't go this week.

Manning was hurt on a failed two-point conversion attempt in the fourth quarter when he was hit by linebacker Anthony Spencer.

"I knew it didn't feel good," said Manning, who has never missed a game at any level of football because of an injury. "Sometimes you'll get hit and you'll lose some strength and it will come back. I was just hoping that that what it was, but I knew it was a little bit more than that."

Following a Gibril Wilson interception, Manning went right back out and threw his third touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress.

After Dallas scored on a third-down, 51-yard touchdown pass on a play in which the officials missed an illegal procedure by Cowboys receiver Patrick Crayton, Coughlin and Manning decided it would be best for him to take the rest of the night off.

"I knew there was something wrong," Manning said. "I knew it had gotten a little tighter and I felt more pain, I guess, after sitting a little more time on the sideline. I didn't want to make anything worse. If we had stopped them on the third down and gotten the ball back, my competitive nature, I would have gone back in there and tried to win that game."

NOTES: ...Derrick Ward will start for Jacobs with Reuben Droughns getting more time as his backup. ...The Giants are considering moving LB Mathias Kiwanuka back to defensive end if Umenyiora takes a while to heal. ...The Giants signed DT Russell Davis, a nine-year veteran who has played for Chicago, Arizona and Seattle. They have until 4 p.m. Tuesday to make a roster most to clear space for Davis. ...


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contusion to the AC joint is what i did the second time around for my surgery. first surgery was torn bicep tendon the second one was torn AC joint. sucks more than anything cause it's painful and you feel a pinch everytime you move your arm


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Spin control....

The thing that is weird is that the results are different in the two reports. I could see the results being the same but differing on how long he will be out. That's not the case. Giants say bruised AC joint, day-to-day. ESPN says seperated shoulder, out a month. That is a big difference. Weird.

Also, I still haven't heard anything on ESPN that says WHERE Mortenson got this info from. Does he know someone at the MRI place? Is it someone inside the Giants?


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Well the Giants could be doing Spin control . As For Mort most reporters have inside sources . They won't say who but people close to the team or players that hear the news .


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Well the Giants could be doing Spin control . As For Mort most reporters have inside sources . They won't say who but people close to the team or players that hear the news .

I know they have sources and usually they say something like, "According to a source close to the team" or "According to a source close ot the medical team". They have said none of that. Just making the claim and sticking to it.