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A question about ebay shipments. Have any of you ever gotten a mailer from a purchase off ebay that has a tracking number on it? I did yesterday and when I checked My Ebay for the person from which it came from, there was no tracking number listed. I find it strange that why include a tracking number on postage off of paypal but don't bother to list it under the tracking number place on paypal for the buyer to check? I know that every package I've sent since 2006, I've included the tracking number somewhere in a transaction thread, private message or email. As for Ebay, I do put the numbers into paypal, so the person that bought the item from me can check the status as well.

Secondly, lately I've noticed that when sellers attach tracking numbers, their post office seems to not even scan them into the system. What good is it then? Within the last 2 months, I've bought 3 Webers off ebay and the sellers include tracking and have it listed so I can view it, yet the post office doesn't scan them and I have yet to receive anything. I know mail gets lost and takes for ever, especially from Canada and international mailing. But of the items I've purchased from Canada, I've received all of them. The 3 I haven't received were from Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Washington. Being in Va, Pa. is right up the road. By the way, I have received full refunds from them and have left positive feedback.

I know it isn't karma or bad luck because I believe in neither of them.

Guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. :huh:
Yeah, the USPS is always screwy with the tracking numbers. That could be why some people don't even bother inputting them. I've had packages before that were delivered that still showed that they weren't even accepted by the post office yet. :LOL:
Dont get me started on the american postal service.. seriously, I'd still be writing this post when its time for christmas if I started! :LOL: