EBAY seller semi-problem


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Just wondering if anyone's experienced this:

I sold a card on 8/2. Mailed it on 8/3 with DC. Messaged the buyer on 8/3 that I shipped it. It delivered to the correct city/zip on 8/6. The buyer never left feedback, but that's not uncommon.

Tonight, he messages me and asks if I've mailed it yet.... says he still hasn't received it.

I provided him with the DC # so he can see that it did deliver to his city/zip a few days after being mailed.

The question is: Do I have anything else to worry about? (BTW, no insurance was purchased)

Thanks in advance. -Jon


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As far as feedback goes, the doofus can leave a negative. PayPal will side with you as far as I know.

Thanks... that's what I'm hoping. Not worried about the negative. It'd be my first, but really nothing else I can do.

Maybe he has a 'friend' who has a bad habit of checking his mailbox and they can work it out.


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if you shipped with DC and it shows it arrived, than there isn't much he can do. Ebay and paypal will side with you. if he files paypal claim, they will ask for proof you shipped, you give them DC number (unless it was shipped using paypal shipping), and you did all you were supposed to do