Ebay Purchase, Packing Hell


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I purchased five 2022 Topps S1 sets for my grand kids and this is how they arrived. I have written the seller with this memo and will post his reply. Am I over reacting?,

Good morning, I am upset at the package I rec'd. I ordered five sets of 2022 topps series one from you expecting the sets to be in count boxes neat and safe for shipping and what I rec'd was a box of cards thrown in a box with not much packing material to keep the cards protected and I can not tell if all cards are there as well as corners bent and sides dinged up. I ship books all over the world and take pride in my packing for safe shipping. I would like to know if you have a solution to remedy this transaction? I am not looking for a freebie but maybe a partial refund?. I can't leave feedback till this is resolved. Looking forward to your reply.
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Wow I know your pain I've paid 3-6 bucks shipping to have cards show up in pwe or slapped between two piece of cardboard it's like the people aren't collectors they're just doing it for the money so they don't care how it ends up getting to you everybody's trying to turn a buck


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I think you are more than right in what you said, and you were polite about it, but my gosh, that was a mess of a packing job.