eBay luck is bad no matter what


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I trade a lot of game used stuff ....But I always go the top loader and bubble envelope route ...costy in trades...but worth the peace of mind. Best regards, David

Same here! Too much chance of thicker cards being damaged if not sent in a bubble mailer, especially around where the relic piece is. That little bit of a void in the cardboard makes it a prime place to bend and crease the card.


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Ya there was even a couple cards I just bought that I asked them to change from free shipping to 4.00 so they could ship in bubble mailer I have 30 orders coming in so far I'm 1 for 1 on damaged cards lmao I hope it that changes


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One card I'm excited to see if I can fix is this one.my wife's son is a artist and he had this putty that you put on your drawing if you mess up and it removes all the lead and works amazing leaves no marks or residue so I'm going to see it if it will work.p.s paid a whopping 5 bucks for the card


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