Bench Warmer

I was in a 7.1 a few years back, it was in the desert (between Cali/Az). I was at State Line gambling and staying on the 12th floor or my hotel. I had just won $1700 and took it up to the room in $100s to show the wife. When I got there it started and the hotel shook so bad that when standing in the door jam you could see out the hallway window and see 1 row of cars, bend the other direction to see a different row..... this lasted 45 seconds and was scary as hell. They said it was felt from San Diego to Denver.


Nice picture to go with the story:


An earthquake hits, and the best they've got is some broken glass at a donut shop :lollol::lollol::lollol:


Bench Warmer
never felt it. ;) i might have been driving though to the Oakland airport when it hit. What time did it hit?


Bench Warmer
something I'm missing in life .... only earthquake I've ever felt was when you put a couple of gallons of gas on a fire to start it.... :neutral:


Bench Warmer
that is a baby one, i don't particularly like them, but they have to be a little higher than 5 to wake me up. i sleep in the basement so i hear it first and the sound usually wakes me up first before it hits. dog won't wake up unless it's more than 5 either.

hope everyone is ok, oddly i was thinking last night we hadn't had one in a while, but i was thinking it when i was outside which is the worst possible place to be during one.

lexis you should come visit alaska, it's kinda cool when you are driving down the road and you see it roll in front of you