Dumbass drunk in connecticut


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Not worth of link, idiot driver (looked in his 40s) was arrested for DUI, twice, by same cop in same night. First time he was driving on the wrong side of the road. They arrested him, he made bail and guess went home, where he got into another car. The tipoff this time was he was driving with a battery charger still attached and clanging down the road.... :doh: :doh: :doh:


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wow that is crazy

up here if you get a dui, no matter if the car/vehicle isn't yours, it goes bye bye. first one gets impounded for 90 days and you get to pay for the "storage" and tow fees, which up here are 45 just to hook it up and 3 a mile to their yard, 40 a day for 90 days..........hmmmmm figure it out. second dui, your car goes bye bye for good the state takes possession of it and auctions it off. you tend to be really careful who you let borrow your car up here.

on the other hand, he couldn't have been too drunk, he did afterall jumpstart it