Don't forget Tuesday is Valentine's Day!

Thanks for the reminder, but I actually didn't need it this year (surprisingly). I'm planning to surprise the wife with dinner that evening and then The Vow that night.
Oh, I'm lame.... I had no idea....:LOL:

I was actually thinking I was the lame one because I knew about it. Although, it would be hard for me not to when my wife makes me run into the living room every time the preview is on tv. :LOL:
I'm lucky.. we don't do the whole valentines thing over here.. well they're trying to introduce it, but it's not really catching on.. so.. yeah.. haha! :flapper:

Wow.. the Vow? really? oh, Mike! You are soooooooo lucky! Can't believe you haven't seen Highlander, but in a short while you'll have seen the Vow.. wow.. :p
Highlander rocks!!!!!!

Dont we all wish we were immortal at one time or another?

"There can be only one.." :cool:

I love the first two movies.. number three is okay.. but Endgame? :(

(Great.. now, I've got Queen songs on my mind :LOL: "Princes of the Universe".. oh, and "who wants to live forever" awesome songs.. They made the music for Flash Gordon too.. another one of my faves :) )