Basketball Don Nelson ties Career WINS record --- is he the best ever?

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wow, I had no clue he was up that high in wins...

Don Nelson ties NBA win record - NBA News - FOX Sports on MSN

do you all consider him to be among the BEST all time NBA coaches?

I am not sure I would even put him in the top 5

MY top 5...and maybe more (in no particular order)

Red Auerbach
Chuck Daly
Pat Riley
Lenny Wilkens
Phil Jackson
Larry Brown

and as much as I hate to admit it

Gregg Popovich
Jerry Sloan


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OH and if you include college.... these guys would probably rank above him too IMO

Dean Smith
Mike Krzyzewski
Bobby Knight
John Wooden
Rick Petino
John Thompson
Tom Izzo --- is creeping up to the elite too

but comparing college to pros is pretty tough.....


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Don Nelson never coached an NBA Finals team. 35 years coaching, and never got to the Finals. He alienated countless players, as well as executives of 3 different franchises. If my memory is right, he was never a USA Basketball staff member.

I dont like the guy.
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