Does anyone here currently have a home security system installed?


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Nervous about something?

I have one that is installed but not turned on but still have the sign out front by my mailbox. :shh:


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well if you can get some ADT signs it does help . Just someone seeing the signs makes them think a little harder about breaking in .


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My boss uses ADT, and I'm sure he is on their 10 most hated list, cause he sets it off accidenttaly at least 2-3 x a week :roll:

But they are quick on the response. I had to go into his house (before he gave me his new # code... but I had the "code word") and the time between my tripping the alarm and them calling was like 30 seconds.

If that helps. Just don't use my name, I'm sure it in their s#itlist :lollol: