Do you state the condition of cards when you sell?


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I had a buyer complain that there was damage between the two patches on an Exquisite card. I'm not someone who really looks at condition that closely, but that was a redemption card, so I know that if it was damaged then it wasn't that apparent. The buyer wanted me to refund him $10, but I said no, I will only give you a full refund if you send me the card back. He said - as a seller, you should always state condition but decided to just keep the card. There's a reason why I never state condition - my definition of mint is different than grading companies and even other people's. Also with Exquisite cards, I find a lot of the times, the corners are dinked, but if I stated that in every auction that I listed, it would take a lot of time.

What do you guys think?


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if there is obvious damage (ie that roscoe parrish i had) i note it...if i dont see anything i dont list anything, but i dont state "mint" in anything...from time to time ill have someone ask me about a card and ill give it a good look over, but other than that the card stays in the top loader


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If there is something clearly wrong with the card I note it. I dont state mint, because everyone has different opinions of mint.

I told a guy to not nother bidding on one of my cards. He emailed me twice about a card condition, I answered best of my knowledge but it was clear he was going to be difficult. He accused me of lying to my customers by not knowing what PSA would grade the card. (I had told him I am not a professional grader earlier)

You were in the right in your response to the seller, if he was truly unhappy he should have been fine with a refund in full.


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Yes, I definitely respond to questions about condition, and I've even had a case where the buyer backed out because he wasn't happy about the condition - he asked about condition on a Sunday when I wasn't home and auction ended.


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I agree. Everyone interprets condition in a wide scope. Big scans and just say scans speak for condition. Ask questions if you have any.


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I'm the same... obviously I would state something very apparent but those should be viewable in the scan... I don't put my cards under a microscope so I don't put any sort of grade to my card as you said before everyone is different. Good luck with the outcome.


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i don't state mint or anything like that because people are stupid and will want to hold you to it and want a refund later if they dont' get that good a grade.

if they want higher res scan, i don't have a problem of doing that. had someone want to inspect edges, so i high res'd the edges, he lost the card after all that though

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In EVERY card auction/store item I have I ALWAYS put "All Items are listed as near mint due to others interpretation of mint"

Never had a problem yet