Do you have a nickname?


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At work. school, family, friends?

My boss calls me Andy Roo

On this one trip I went on w/ kids they called me Average Andy.

Other than that, I dont really have any.

Just curious, you guys got any?

A minor hockey coach called me a big lummox once in a practice (I was 6'3" and 240 at about age 13) and from then on everyone referred to me as lummox. It became lumm0x simply because every damn electronic ID or password required an alpha/numberic code of 6 digits or greater. Just always kept the zero.
Friends usually call me zo or lo or just my name

my family used to call me lencho when i was small, but now they just call me by my first name.
My friends call me Bert. One of my friends decided that he didn't want to call me Rob anymore so he said instead of using the first part of my name he would use the last part of it and it just stuck.
Rarey seems to be popular. Other not so popular are Shrek, Twinkletoes (a la Fred Flinstone), and Tina.:doh:

Tina? Why?

I figured someone would ask. When I got my drivers permit the guy asked me to verify all the information before printing it.I wasn't really paying attention to the "sex" column though and never noticed it until a friend of mine showed me. According to the DOL, I was a 6'3'' 265 pound female (and a butt ugle one at that)

Hence the name Tina. Short for Christina...:lollol: