Diary of a reconstruction, Pt 1. Exodus


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Sending this jersey to a place in NC. Final product will be a badass Bengals #23 Weathersby jersey. :)

(before pictures)






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Do they do other teams as well? Yes
How fast are they on alterations? Depends how busy they are. Didnt really get a good answer.

How much?

Price is $3.00 per large number sewn(Per color)
$1.25 per small number or letter sewn (per color)
Setup fee $10.00 if the number fonts are different then plain or full block
Return shipping/handling will be $8.50

so, if you have #23 and they are white numbers only, then the prices above
are correct. If they have white on top of another border color, then you
account for that 2nd color with the prices above. If we are removing the numbers, add $2.00 per number

It feels like im in the Q&A thread:D