I suppose she wouldn't seem so whacko if I did, indeed, run around in shoulderpads and a Chris Brown jersey, complaining about turf toe, and paying $10,000 to go to a "learn to punt/pass/kick in 3 days" conference.

But....since I don't do that and only collect cards I think I have every right to say that woman is fricking NUTS :eek:

Wow. She seriously should be committed. If I saw that crazy bitch in the turtle suit I would be obligated to shove her ass into traffic. Turtle soup.

But seriously she could make more than minimum wage by becoming a side show. People would pay to watch this trainwreck.

A couple of thoughts:

1. If she ended up with a rat in her dump of a crib, would she bust out the numbchucks, or go with the samurai sword?

2. If the gov't raises the minimum wage, will she go for the master set of turtle heads, or get a good shrink?