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i read this in the campus paper this morning and was cracking up

2 SIU students accused of using hot cookies to burn man

November 7, 2007
EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. -- Two students at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville kidnapped, paddled and burned a young man with fresh-baked cookies after a drug deal went bad, prosecutors said. Rosario James, 23, and Jordan Sallis, 20, were charged Monday with aggravated kidnapping, robbery and aggravated battery.

Sheriff's Capt. Brad Wells said that on Friday night, three men went to James' house to buy marijuana, but two of them grabbed the drugs and fled. He said the suspects held the third man, demanded $400, beat the man with a wooden paddle, and burned his neck and shoulders with fresh-baked cookies. AP

seriously, burning a guy with 'fresh baked cookies' :roflmao: