Contest over…winner is dlackey! New Contest courtesy of Steelers8873! Pick the number for a chance to win a CG Graded Jose Abreu 1st Bowman RC Card!


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Happy weekend everybody! @Steelers8873 (Ernie) wanted to run another contest and was nice enough to offer up this graded 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects Jose Abreu 1st Bowman Card #BCP17 CG graded 8.5 NM+ as the prize! Thank you so much Ernie!



So here is how the contest works. All members are welcome to join even previous winners. Please pick a number 1-15. When all numbers have been chosen I will randomize the entries and the member name on the top of the list will win the card. Good luck to everybody…and thanks again Ernie!

Numbers already chosen:

1 - unkilldoo
2 - bdink25
3 - Doopie
4 - Molitor04x
5 - Jhock
6 - LarryG
7 - Mechjo16
8 - franklinguy52
9 - dad3309@
10 - darkman
11 - DaSoxFan
12 - dlackey
13 - prospector9
14 - Butch Buddy
15 - biggun1516

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