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Consignment sales on eBay; Who's the best?


TP9 | VC15
Just had a friend ask this, he's got a nice collection and wanted to sell some of the better ones, but would rather have someone handle it who's got some expertise in eBay sales. Any recommendations?


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with all the charge backs and the "I didn't receive my cards" or "tracking shows delivered, but NOT to my house".. I have decided to stay away from eBay unless buying. Sellers are getting screwed left and right ...


Bench Warmer
Hello guys, new to the forum here but wanted to give my two cents on consignment:
PWCC has been outstanding to work with (not this isn’t an advertisement from a PWCC employee:). I have had very good communication and customer service and my fees totaling about what it costs to sell on eBay anyway (just over 12%).

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