Considering closing up eBay


Bench Warmer
I am tired of selling cards on eBay JUST to pay eBay fees, or not even selling enough TO pay eBay fees...SO if I do not generate enough to cover eBay fees over the next month and a half my eBay store will close on November 1st. What this means to you...if you buy something off of me on my eBay store mention Freaks and I will throw in an extra card (or 2) that are not listed on eBay yet. I literally have THOUSANDS to try to turn over and expand MY collection...I do not want to throw them away but there are just TOO many to try to list each on its own. I will also trade ANYTHING off of eBay for anything on my wish list. I am also looking to obtain some GU and auto cards as I do not have many.