College Text Books

Just bought books for my summer class and sigh....80 bucks for 2 books (one was like 10 bucks :doh: )
i hate how they're soo damn expensive, and yet like mid through the class i stop using them. and after you're done with'em you can only get about half of your money back :(
oh well...sigh from 6-25 until 8-2 i will be officially bored out of my mind...


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almost $200 for one class this summer. Total rip. We had to get 11 books for one class. To top that off the class is worse than any other class I have taken in college so far:doh:


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i have a diverse collection of text books as ive only sold 1 book back, and that was some english lit crap :roll: my sister in law is using my old special ed book, and she sells her old books on just keeping mine so i can seem smarter in the future when i get a bookshelf and stuff...gotta have some real books on the shelf to offset the likes of George Carlin, Drew Carey, and Elizabeth Wurtzel...

in her latest venture she sold a book that was $90 for $50 on ebay...try that if you dont like what they are offering you at college


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I remember trying to sell a book on the last day of class and they wouldn't take it, because they were going to use a new edition.. Which was lame because it was the first time this book was used.. They did take the CD ROM in the book for like $1.50.. Text Books SUCK!...


It's damn near impossible to sell back lawschool books, as new editions come out each year due to changes in the law. Worst of it then is that there are no used copies of the new edition available at the book store. Seriously pisses me off.
haha yeah, text books suck :doh: but on a good note, i DID find out that my cousin has a copy of the book i need (with all her notes :cheers: ) so im going to use hers and return my copy. 50 something bucks back in my pocket!