Coaching Staff rankings


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The guy has a few problems, but has won a fair share of his games.

And Jim Johnson might be the smartest defensive guy around. :cheers:


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I agree with their assessment of Payton, but they said coaching staff not head coach. Gary Gibbs was being asked to interview for HC positions, Doug Marrone was being harrassed all offseason to go elsewhere and I really think Joe Vitt is an underrated guy who also has some fill in HC experience. I think our staff may be top 5 caliber, but as far as pure HC, yes Payton needs to prove it's more than a 1 year wonder.


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The Redskins 7th??? Now, I am not knocking that Gibbs was one of the best coaches ever in his first stint, but not condering history, are they the 7th best staff? Otherwise top 10 not so bad.