Chris Jericho Says Why He Chose WWE Over TNA


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Show: Hour Slam Wrestling courtesy of - The Proud Home of the Red, White, & Blue F*@K YOU Since 2002!
Guest: Chris Jericho
Date: 11/6/07
Your Host: Bill Farmer (joined by James Walsh for interview)
Transcript By: Patrick Kelley & James Walsh

Chris Jericho is a name that is in the news a lot these days. From book oriented interviews to the rumors, strong rumors at that, of his WWE return, we were excited to sit down with the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rollah and one bad mama-jama...That's right! HSW is Jericho this week!

In this interview, Jericho admits he indeed IS returning to the WWE, explains why he chose WWE over TNA, his take on TNA, and all the info on his career that you can tame a lion with.

It is a fun and informative interview with "The Lionheart" brought to you by your Purple Grimace, Mr. Bill Farmer!

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- The interview opens up with Jericho encouraging the host Bill to spice up the intro with energy reminiscent of Y2J himself!

- Jericho jokes around a little bit and talks about how his book is about is about “shrubberiesâ€. Jericho then jokes around some more and talks about the various uses for his book. Very funny stuff.

- He talks about how he decided to focus the book on his early days in the wrestling business and that his ultimate dream was to be a WWE Superstar, and felt that was a great place to end the book.

- The hardest part of writing the book was trying to verbalize the many stories and put them down on paper in order to get the point across that he had a very hard time making it to the WWE.

- He says that he keeps a log of all the matches he had. This made it easy for him to recall some of the matches and stories that he wanted to put into the book. He decided to make the log when talking to Keith Hart early on and asking him “How many matches have you had?†When Keith answered that he didn’t know, Jericho decided that he wanted to keep track of his matches.

- He says of all the things he’s participated in during his life (Author, VH1, Musician, Comedy) that wrestling was by far the most satisfying thing he’s done. Jericho felt that he was burned out from wrestling and needed to step away for a little while, and it felt good that he had other things to fall back on.

- When asked if he missed wrestling, he says that he didn’t when he left the WWE, but writing the book reminded him of how much he loved wrestling.

- When asked about WWE & TNA, he says that his heart is with WWE as it was always his dream to work there. He also feels that TNA needs some work, but is always getting better and he thinks they do good things.

- Jericho is then asked about the New ECW, he feels the third brand stretches things out too much and makes the show harder to follow. He doesn’t think the brand split should end entirely as he feels it gives guys more chances to shine, but the guys need to take control of their career and take more chances. When talking about the WWE creative direction, he feels that its gone the natural route with guys who don’t have the experience that guys from the past did.

- Jericho then makes a great analogy about his experience in getting to the WWE. Listen to the interview to check that out.

- Jericho says that he would never be a ring announcer. “It’d be like Wayne Gretsky becoming a refereeâ€

- The interview ends with some joking around about Jericho can take all the Red Wings himself!
Yeah Jericho belongs in the WWE and Booker belongs in TNA and does Booker still do the king Booker and Queen Sharmelll act???