Cheap Clear out Sale


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Just getting back into the hobby after a short time away from it and looking to get rid of most of my old tradebait.

All Gu's are $1 each + $3 Shipping and no more than $5 Shipping for an unlimited amount. link below

Jersey or Patch pictures by AussieLaker - Photobucket

Also have these for sale...

Bernard Berrian Jsy/Auto 10/10 $15 dlvd

Patrick Willis Masterpieces SOLD
Clay Matthews Score Inscriptions RC Auto Gold Zone 32/50 $12
Shawn Nelson Score Inscriptions RC Auto Red Zone 8/30 $4
John Carlson Score Inscriptions Auto Gold Zone 1/50 $4
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Score Inscriptions Auto 191/199 $10

Prices include Shipping will consider offers so please feel free to post or pm any interest. Paypal gift only

Also with any sale over $10 I'll be throwing in some free Inserts/RCs and maybe some other stuff I can find to help clear some room.


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Ill take this one (Charlie Whitehurst Limited Auto $5) please post sell and pm me your paypal info.



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hunter082006 said:
What is the bv of the Willis and Mathews autos?

Not really sure mate, don't use bv only use ebay as price guide...

On another note now looking to move them all in 1 bulk lot would consider $50 Paypal gift incl. Shipping for all above cards apart from the Willis which is pending and all the cards in the $1 bucket.


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i need :
the berrian
deshean jackson gu
johnson gu
brady gu
chris johnson gu
the booty gu

how much?