Charter sucks


Bench Warmer
The Internet was working fine around 10 in the morning. I leave for the card store and come back (I made a nice impulse buy) and the internet is not working. I assumed heavy traffic or something, but should be fine later. Well 2:00 rolls around no service (this is a bout the time of the Derrick Himilton Elite TOTC auto ending on ebay which I wanted, but had not bid. I was going to snipe it myself). I was like: this sucks. I have been trying to get online about every hour or so since. I am finally able to get one now, but not after calling them. Apparently Charter changed the bandwith or some crap like that to my house. So this is temporary set up and slower than 56k. photobucket cannot even load so I cannot show my pickup or my find of stuff I had but forgot that I had it. Very cool foreign cards to show. Well I may be on later tonight, but will not hold my breath. I am going to see if I can get ebay to load (hopefully). Now I have to be home between 1-5 for a repair guy tomorrow. There is my rant. Hopefully I can get back on later tonight, but this is so slow it is giving me ADD.