Charlize Theron crowned 'sexiest woman' by Esquire


Bench Warmer

LOS ANGELES - Charlize Theron has an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild award. Now she's Esquire magazine's "sexiest woman alive."


Past winners of the title include Jessica Biel, Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson. The issue featuring Theron hits newsstands Oct. 16.

Theron talked with the magazine about growing up on a farm, her political interests and her work, including her latest movie, "In the Valley of Elah," a murder mystery set among U.S. troops newly returned from Iraq.

"I wanted to make the movie precisely because it evades formulas about guilt," the 32-year-old actress said. "I'm drawn to ambiguity."

Theron also candidly discussed her least favorite film, "Reindeer Games."

"That was a bad, bad, bad movie," she said. "But ... I got to work with John Frankenheimer. I wasn't lying to myself — that's why I did it."

Theron won an Oscar for her role in "Monster." Her screen credits also include "North Country" and "The Cider House Rules."

Charlize Theron: Sexiest woman alive - Yahoo! News


Bench Warmer
shes nice , but ive seen a lot better ... also realistically there is no sexiest woman or man ... its all personal taste ,,, some people like real fat women , some like hairy women ... etc etc.
its all just someones opinion ...



LOL I definitely don't like fat or hairy women.
My mate does have a thing for fat sheilas though??

Charlize is smoking hot!