Basketball Celtics/Nets Blockbuster Trade - Who Wins?


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It was just announced that the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets have agreed to a HUGE deal.

Celtics Get

Gerald Wallace
3 future 1st round picks

Nets Get

Kevin Garnett
Paul Pierce
Jason Terry

Who do you think wins here? I'd have to say the Celtics, just because Garnett and Pierce are old. KG still seems to able to play at a high intensity level, but how much gas does Pierce have left? I'm not so sure about him, to be honest. The deal gives the Celtics a chance to get some good, young, talent over the next several years so that they can start to rebuild (which they are obviously doing).
In the short time, the Celtics are a mess, but this may give them the chance to rebuild but it will be a slow process. This might work out for the Nets if they use use them similar to the way the Spurs have use Ginoboli and Duncan.
Celtics got a bunch of picks in next years draft, which according to 'experts' is much deeper than the draft last night. So I think for the longevity of the franchise, this was the correct move. They were going no where but the first round of the playoffs with Garnett and Pierce. This allows them to rebuild quicker than if they had kept them.

Now I have no idea who will be playing for the Celtics this coming year but it is not going to be a pretty season.