CCG Mail from Jeffmu


I'll like him for now, but it ends here. From now through Saturday, Jeff, you are my worst enemy!!!!

Anyway, here are the goods:


Dilger 2000 Omega #15/51
Jeff George 1993 Classic Pro Line Live Auto #280/1050
Jeff George 1999 Stadium Club #055/150
Brian Cook 03-04 Mystique RC #056/600


Ken Eilger 2000 Pacific #151/199
Kittner 2002 Elite RC #133/400
Brian Cook 03-04 Bowman SOTT Auto
Robert Holcombe 1998 Ultra Rush Hour
Jeff George 2000 Donruss Zoning Commission #0805/1000

Thanks a ton for the cards!!!! I almost feel bad that Missouri is going to have to take such a beating in their very first game :boohoo::boohoo:

Wait, no I don't!