cause for concern?


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reading the paper today...

a car was broken into and reported the theft of...

Lottery Tickets (undisclosed amount)
40 Baseball Hats
200 Lighters
50 cartons of cigarettes

:scratch: umm who carries crap like that in their car? wouldnt be to stock a convienent store because its going to be an official lottery vehicle....

my old man smokes like 3-4 packs a day but ive never seen him with more than 5 cartons at any given time

figure at most 3 hats per person in a car, so i could maybe understand 12, but 40?

200 lighters :scratch: is this the bastard that steals everyones lighter at a bar?...

where do you keep crap like that in a car unless
A) You sell them illegally in the city of chicago
B) You knocked off a few 7-11s (still doesnt explain 200 lighters)
C) Gang activity
D) Complete Retard

there has to be more to the story, but it was just in the police blotter...


Bench Warmer
Items I have with me at all times:

-A condom
-My leatherman
-My cell phone
-My wallet
-2 paperclips
-An avocado
-five sticks of dynamite
-a broken jack in the box

Thats right mofos. I AM MACGYVER.


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Items I have with me at all times:

-Picture of Elan's sister
-The Joey Harrington Bible
-Dog Poo bags
-Directions to hotel near Rob's house
-AARP Card
-Mike's American Express Card


Bench Warmer
5 Items I have on me at all times:

Cell Phone
Genital warts (4 or 5)
Large goatee
Official Ninja Status Card