case pull out of 2 BLASTERs TARGET picture need price hockey FT


Bench Warmer
had them for 50% off! so got 2 ICE 08-09 hockey...pulled the deveaux /1999 first blaster out of 5 packs.... 2nd blaster got this nugget blake wheeler /99 #178 selling 65.00 on ebay and buy it nows for 190.00! wow! any book value would be great on the wheeler! thanks!!
Hockey isnt flooded with random rcs like Football is.. its pretty easy to get great Hockey rcs even from Blasters. I used to buy up as many UD blasters I could back in 06 when it was Crosby/Ovechkins rc year.. I pulled 3 Ovechkins out of series 2 and only 1 Crosby out of series 1 but you also got a bunch of Victory Crosby rcs aswell I made a killing in sales that year. Congrats on the pull.