Case for Aaron Harang for CY Young


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Well this came up on BMB and I did a little bit of research and I wanted more objective people to look in to this.

Harang is 14-3 with a 3.53 ERA and 173 Ks. His home ERA is 2.97 at GABP, a hitter dream.

Peavys is 15-5 with a 2.18 ERA and 197 Ks. His home ERA is 2.86 at PETCO a pitchers park.

However look into the numbers deeper. Harang has 10 NDs, and should have a couple more Ws if not for the sad excuse of a bllpen the Reds had first half. Anyways Peavy's longest start is only 7 innings. Harang has gone more than 7 innings 11 times this year with 7.2, 8, 9, 8, 9, 8, 8, 7.2, 10, 8, 9 in those starts which resulted in 2 CGs and 2 NDs one when he went 9 and another when he went 10.


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I wouldn't argue that Harang doesn't deserve consideration, his performance says he does. Don't read to much into the 7 innings plus, Harange has pitched 190 innings in 28 starts and appearances, while Peavy is only at 177.2 but with one less start/appearance. Not a drastic difference if you ask me ;). Regardless there are a lot of quality options for NL Cy Young.


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Great numbers from Harang, but the fact that the Padres are in first place and Peavy is putting up comparable numbers, I'd say it's Peavy's award to lose. Brandon Webb is also making a strong case, but Peavy's overall numbers are better.

Some numbers to compare between the two:

Peavy 2.18
Webb 2.83

Peavy 1.05
Webb 1.18

Peavy .207
Webb .232

I hate the Padres and Peavy more than the D-Backs and Webb, but Peavy is the front-runner.