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Bench Warmer
05/06 Sweet Spot Signature Shots Charlie Villanueva auto rc($20 bv, I think)
01/02 Topps Pristine Loren Woods Autograph card($20 bv)
05/06 Finest x-fractor Andrew Bogut autograph rc #'d 083/169($30 BV, Need something nice for this)
01/02 Spx Brandon Armstrong autograph jersey rc #'d 420/800($15 bv)
1994 Signature Rookies Brian Grant autograph rc($8 bv)
03/04 UD Top Prospects Signs of Success Slavko Vranes autograph rc($8 bv)
00/01 Sp Authentic Mamaduo N'Diaye autograph rc($10 bv)
99/00 Sage Andre Miller autograph rc #'d 972/999($10 bv)
00/01 Ud Reserve NBA Start-ups DeMarr Johnson Auto/jersey card #Dj-a($15 bv)
1996 Scoreboard Shariff Abdur-Rahim rookie auto card($30 BV)
04/05 Bowman SOTF Justin Reed auto($12 bv)

game used:
01/02 Inspirations Kendrick Brown/Antoine Walker dual jersey card #'d 1052/1100
06/06 Rookie Debut Materialization Richard Jefferson jersey card
03/04 Hot Prospects Hot Materials Yao Ming jersey card #'d to 500
05/06 Sp Game Used Authentic Fabrics Yao Ming Jersey card(NICE CARD)
05/06 Topps Chrome Premium Performers Tim Duncan jersey card #'d 100/400($12
03/04 Topps Pristine Generals Antoine Walker jersey card
03/04 Spx Winning Materials Jamal Mashburn dual jersey card($12 bv)
04/05 Ultimate Luke Jackson jersey rc #'d 25/75($15 bv)
02/03 Upper Deck Pau Gasol jersey card($15 bv)

05/06 Topps 52 Style CHROME Chris Paul rc #'d 350/499($20 bv)
98/99 Encore Larry Hughes rookie card
06/07 Bowman Daniel Gibson rc
06/07 Upper Deck Daniel Gibson rc
05/06 Upper Deck Sean May rc($3 BV)
06/07 Bowman Brandon Roy rc($6 bv)
04/05 Topps Chrome Josh Smith rc($8 bv)
04/05 Fleer Showcase Josh Smith rc #'d 093/199($25 bv)
93/94 Skybox Premium Anfernee Hardaway rc($2 bv)
1994 Classics BCs Jason Kidd rc($3 bv)
06/07 Bowman Andrea Bargnani rc($6 bv)
03/04 Mystique die cut Leandro Barbosa rc #'d 227/600($8 bv)
95/96 Finest Jerry Stackhouse rc($15 bv)
98/99 SPX Finite Bonzi Wells rc #'d 0497/2500($20 bv)
96/97 Upper Deck rookie exclusives Ray Allen rc($6 bv)
04/05 Bowman Bronze Kirk Hinrich($3 bv)
03/04 Bowman Chrome Josh Howard rc($12 bv)
05/06 Hoops Hakim Warrick rc($4 bv)
05/06 UD Slam Wayne Simien rc($4 bv)
05/06 Bowman Luther Head rc($5 bv)
05/06 Rookie Debut Raymond Felton rc($6 bv)
96/97 Topps Chrome Youthquake Ray Allen rc($8 bv)
98/99 Topps Chrome Jason Williams rc($6 bv)
(2)94/95 Sp Jason Kidd rc($8 bv)
03/04 Mystique Die-cut T.J. Ford rc #'d533/600($10 bv)
04/05 Bowman Luke Jackson rc($2.50 bv)
05/06 Sp Game Used nate Robinson rc #'d 105/999($12 bv)
03/04 Upper Deck Darko Milicic rc($6 bv)
94/95 Finest Eddie Jones rc($10 bv)
93/94 Finest Chris Webber rc($25 bv)
01/02 Topps Chrome Kwame Brown rc($4 bv)
01/02 Topps Chrome refractor Brandon Haywood rc($18 bv)
96/97 Finest Antoine Walker rc($8 bv)
04/05 Topps Chrome black refractor Beno Udrih rc #'d 250/500($30 bv)
70/71 Topps Calvin Murphy rc($35 bv)
95/96 Finest Damon Stoudamire rc #117($6 bv)
06/07 Topps (Draft)J.J. Redick rc #240($8 bv)
05/06 Topps Chrome Andrew Bogut rc #210($10 bv)
98/99 Fleer Brilliants Vince Carter rc #105($8 bv)
1998 Press Pass Double Threat Jackpot Vince Carter rc #J2B/4($25 bv)