Card Memories


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So, I had several old boxes of football cards from my childhood still at my parent's house. Last weekend, I attended the Oregon football game and took my parents. Due to the late start time I decided to stay with them (they live in Eugene) rather than drive the 100 miles home in the middle of the night with a highway full of people who had been drinking.

So, since I had some time at their house, I decided to go through a handful of items from my youth that were still bring home what I wanted and toss what I didn't. Among the things that I brought home were a few old boxes of sports (mostly football) cards that I wanted to go through.

As I began to go through them this week, I stumbled across a football card from the 1992 Skybox Impact set...the card was of former Steelers WR Dwight Stone. It was beat up and not worth anything and I was about to throw it into the discard pile when I had a thought.

1992 Skybox Impact was not a set that I ever collected. It was slightly before my time and although I liked the design (very "early 90s") it just wasn't a set that I collected. But, one of my earliest memories collecting sports card involved just that set. I remembered back to when I was a kid...probably 3rd grade or so our small school had a little school store next to the gym where students could buy a candy bar (those days are long gone) and sometimes they had packs of sports card for kids to buy and trade. I remember all my friends were buying them so I bought one too...and what they had was 1992 Skybox Impact.

I remember opening the pack and finding a QB from the Chicago Bears. Now, I had a relative who played for them so my family always talked about the Bears. So, I remember being very excited about that. That may have been what got me hooked on this hobby.

Of course, the QB in question was Peter Tom Willis who never really played. But, I didn't know that at the time.

I wondered if maybe the Willis was somewhere in these boxes. I hadn't seen it in years but every time I saw it it made me I assumed I had kept it. I set the Stone aside and continued to look for the Willis. When I found a '92 Skybox Impact I set it aside with the Stone and eventually I found the Willis. I still had it.

By the time that I went through all the boxes...I had a small stack of 1992 Skybox Impact cards. I counted them...and there were 12 cards in the stack (including the Willis). Referencing an old Beckett large catalog from the late 1990s...I checked to see what the pack sizes were for this set. They were issued in 12 card packs and 20 card jumbo packs.

I suddenly realized that the stack of cards in front of me was the entire pack I had opened on that day. I still had every card.

It was a neat find that made me smile.


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I know it probably seems stupid...but I think it's really neat that I can reconstruct that memory. It's amazing that I still have all 12 cards from that pack.

I have a binder of random football cards from my youth and I put them in there as a group.