Basketball Can anyone beat the Heat?


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In my opinion, not this season.

If the Lakers could play better together, I'd say they had a chance but it seems their locker room is in too much turmoil to make that happen this year. Maybe next year with a different coach, assuming they don't ship anyone out of there before then.

I'd also put the Thunder up there, but after getting rid of Harden they just don't appear to be the same team either. They just don't have that extra "mmph" that they had when Harden was in the game last season. Sure, he seemed to fall apart during the playoffs last year, but it was still silly for them not to do everything they could to keep arguably their best 4th quarter player (discounting Durant). If anything they should have been looking for a more consistent point guard, because as good as Westbrook is at times, that team seems to live and die by his success.

The team with the best chance, even though I think it's a very slim chance, is the Pacers. The Pacers just seem to be able to play very well against the Heat (compared to other top teams). They showed glimpses of it in last year's playoffs and they've played pretty well against them this season too.

That said, I still look for the Heat to win it all again.
Wait.. Mike.. are you ill? You're saying something thats pro LeBron James' team!! OMG!

I agree though, but San Antonio is looking reeeally good to me. They might be older than the rest of the league combined, but they're good. Really good. Not sure they could beat the Heat in a 7 game series.
Wait.. Mike.. are you ill? You're saying something thats pro LeBron James' team!! OMG!

I'm certainly not attributing anything I said to Lebron alone. If he were that good, he would have finished what he started in Cleveland. That said, the Miami Heat's team does seem unbeatable by most teams in the league.

I started to say something about San Antonio too, but I thought my points with them could have been completely biased. :LOL:
Come on now, you have to give LeBron some credit, the Cavs showed what they had around him when they left. He did win 60 games in Cleveland. Even MJ had to get some talent around him before he could "finish" whst he started.
Come on now, you have to give LeBron some credit, the Cavs showed what they had around him when they left.

They reached the finals and he choked. He disappeared, much like he did the first year with the Heat. If he hadn't they might could have won one. It's doubtful, but it would definitely have been more of a possibility. You can't win championships when the "star" of your team is unseen in the post-season.

Did he tell the Cavs, "listen I'll take less money if you'll go get these guys"? No. Instead he took less money to go find those guys. He left the team, and city, that treated him like a king for less money to go find someone who could win him a title.

Great players make other players around them better. Lebron simply doesn't do that. Sure, his stats are great, but stats don't win championships.

What he displayed last year, is something that had never been seen from him in a post-season before. If it had, he'd definitely have at least 2 rings already and possibly more than that.

Also, I'm not so sure Scottie Pippen, or the other guys in Chicago, would have been as good as they were had it not been for MJ. I put more of MJ's success on Phil Jackson than I do with any of the players that were there.
No one hates on Arod for leaving Texas. Chris Bosh for leaving Toronto. Ray Allen leaving the Celtics. Shaq and DH leaving Orlando. Or Carmelo demanding to be traded and going to NY.

Give me a break... Lebron haters have short memory.
And to answer the OG question... Sure, a few teams are capable of beating the Heat. But I see NO team being able to beat the Heat in a 7 game series! :cool: None. No one... Its a wrap!
I also think that the Heat is the team to beat, but a team that I can see making a strong run is the Clippers. They have a lot of good young talent.
congratulations to the Heat for the repeat. Of course they will try for a Three-peat but we'll have to see that this time next year. :D