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I will be in Europe, leaving tommorow, for two weeks and won't have access to any computers. I'm sure everyone will be sad. I will take lots of pics, too bad I don't have dave. If anyone wants to know where I'm going I will post my itinerary.


Bench Warmer
Day 1: Fly to Paris, depart Phila 8:55 PM

Day 2: Arrive Paris 1:00 PM, overnight in Paris

Day 3: Guided sightseeing tour of Paris by Bus
1. Drive by: Arc de Triumphe, Ile de la cite, Place de la concorde,
Conciergerie, Les Invalids, Ecoles Militaire, Eiffel Tower (Photo Stop)
2. Go Inside: Notre Dame (the Cathedral)
3. Versailles, go inside: State Apartments, Hall of Mirriors.
Overnight in Paris

Day 4: Paris Walking tour of, go inside of Mysee d'Orsay. Overnight train to Barcelona

Day 5: Guided Sightseeing tour of Barcelona. Overnight in Barcelona

Day 6: Walking tour of Barcelona. Overnight in Barcelona

Day 7: Drive to Carcassonne, tour director led sightseeing. Overnight in

Day 8: Nimes on Arles tour director led sightseeing. Visit ampitheather, Pont du Gard, go inside Avignon; visit Popes Palace, Chapel Papal vestry, hidden vaults. Arrive on Riviera and overnight on Riviera

Day 9: Monaco- Drive by: Royal Palace, Cahtedral, Monte Carlo Casino, walk around the city. visit Eye and Nice. Overnight in Riviera

Day 10: Drive to Pisa, see leaning tower, drive to florence. Overnight in Florence

Day 11: Tour Florence, Overnight in Florence

Day 12: Drive to Assisi visit Basilica, drive to Rome, overnight in Rome

Day 13: Go to mass in the Vatican, tour Vatican, tour Rome. Overnight in Rome.

Day 14: Go home, arrive 6:00 PM


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When you get in France, if someone gives you crap for being American tell them we saved them from Germany ... twice.

Nah, Ill just tell them to F**k off or to shut the F**k up, my french teacher taught us how to say it :cheers: . If we act up our the teacher running the trip has our credit card info, so they will send us home, make us buy the ticket. But my parents will make me pay for the trip. :(:(


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I hope not either. That would suck!!!!

(and I'm not just saying that because I can't wait to have your Seahawk-hatin' butt gone for two weeks either)

Hope it works out!