Buying - List inside - Come on in !!! BUYING !!


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Lmk what you got for sale of these people :

Ryan Mathews
Matt Forte
Arian Foster
Jamaal Charles
Jimmy Clausen
Johnny Knox
CJ Spiller
Lesean McCoy
Brandon Jackson
Joe Flacco
Rashard Jennings

Will look offers of other people not on this list !!! Just lmk what you got


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Have these for sale, just make me an offer.





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Cazz- no thanks

Kutz - Last mccoy gu auto /25 on ebay sold for 12.83$, Id do 10$ shipped for that and the forte hows 12$ dlvd ? Would you do 20$ for the pair if i buy both ? Hopefully these are fair offers , just going off ebay . Please let me know