"But they are selling on eBay for..." Setting the record straight


NASCAR products are back baby!!!!! oh yeah!
Just a little story from our last Card Show.

Had a Big Bang Theory "Raj's Red Jacket" card marked for $10. Had the customer ask me if I would take $5 for it. It should be noted that this customer ended up purchasing a ton of cards from me, so giving him a "special deal" was no problem.

As the guy was getting his change from me he made the comment "you know they are asking $20-plus on eBay for this card". I could see his eyes light up with excitement as I knew he was going straight home and putting the card up on eBay.

I politely explained to him that I would gladly SELL the card for $5, versus "asking $20" on the 'bay and watch it sit there week after week with NO offers.

Remember my little story the next time you are working out a "buy" with someone that says "...but on eBay they are selling for..."