Busted Knee 4 me = Titans v Packers tickets 4 U


retired hippie
Hi gang,

This is for the Middle Tennessee collectors out there. Yesterday at work I pulled something in my right knee, it's still very painful to walk on this morning. If it's not any better by tommorow I'll be giving away my tickets to Thursday night's game in Nashville.

I won the tickets in a giveaway by Rob (CommodoreCountry) at his Card Show set up in Murfreesboro, Thanks Rob I've been looking forward to the game since you telephoned me I had won.

So if your in the area & you can go let me know, if I'm unable to attend I'll forward Rob's contact info & you can meet up with him to get the tickets & watch Favre v Young. Should be a good game being the last preseason event for both.

I still want to go & if able will be, but I wanted to give a heads up in case I can't.


Bench Warmer
wow bud i hope you get to feeling better soon. better get that checked instead of waiting.

here's an idea, take someone who will be sober, get pain medication and crutches, go to the game and have sober person help you manuver.

you'd be surprised how easy it is to manuver through a crowd of people when you are disabled (at least up here)

i went to a hockey game in a sling, and EVERYONE backed away from me.


retired hippie
Not looking good, pain & swelling are increasing. Gonna have to get the wife to pick-up a crutch for me as walking on it is getting impossible.

If your local & interested in the tickets give me a shout, Rob (CommodoreCountry) if these were your only tickets maybe you and a friend can make it.

this blows, it's my 1st disabling injury in years. if i'm not better by the morning guess i'll be off to the doc.


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No F.B. for me my knee is as big as a grapefruit this morning. if i can't get a doc's appointment i'm going to the e.r. wife thinks i'll get checked in i'm not sure. take care all see you in a day or so i hope.

Rob is aware of my situation & this post via a telephone call. Hope someone gets to use the tickets.