Busted 4 tins of Sweet Shot


Bench Warmer
I'll post the details later, but the notable was a Luc Robataille auto stick #/25.
Great pull on the Lucky!! He's got a rabid collector base that will make you really happy on that one.

Get some scans up!!:pop:
Here are the rest of the cards:
Paul Stasny jersey #/499
Signature Shots Zdeno Chara auto
Vincent LeCavalier jersey #/50
Crosby base
Drew Stafford jersey #/499
Phil Kessel Signatures Shots auto
Ilya Kovalchuk jersey #/200
Bobby Orr base
Nigel Dawes jersey #/499
Lidstrom jersey #/200
Manny Fernandez base
Ryan Potulny jersey #/499
Signature Shots Marek Svatos auto
Jaromir Jagr jersey #24/25
Eric Lindros base
hey lisu

if that Ryan Potulny jersey is available i could use it