Bungles v Seahawks!


Bench Warmer
C'mon Andy.. you up for it!

1000 GP!!!!! or name it!

I know my Seahawks lost last week, but so did you!

Bungle fans! BRING IT!


Bench Warmer
Ill take that bet. Actually ill bet all my gps thant my Bengals will beat ur seassissys. So just bring it.

1000. I have to keep things in easy numbers, I hate math :lollol:

This is closed... 2 bets, 1000 GP each.

Sorry , I was hoping to get Andy to get in... but :cry:

My weekend is gonna be busy. I have to work all day Saturday, may have a peek in here-and-there, but no research time.... so if Andy wants none of my GP's.. then OK. DONE