Bumping threads


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Along with the new changes to the Transaction Manager, we've also added a brand new feature for bumping threads. Now, instead of posting a reply of "bump" or "ttt", there will be a button at the top of your threads to "Bump" the thread without a reply. We'd like to encourage you all to take advantage of this feature rather than replying for a simple bump.

This will move your thread to the top of the forum listing page, as well as put it back in the "Latest posts and bumps" section in the sidebar, and move it back into view in "What's new". Basically, it'll do everything for your thread that a reply will do with the simple click of a button.

Each thread can be bumped once every 24 hours, but we'd ask members not to bump too many threads in the same forum at the same time. Doing so will likely get your threads either locked, merged or deleted.