Bucs/Vikings Trade Rumor


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The Tampa Tribune reports that there is talk in Minnesota of a deal that would send RB Chester Taylor and T Bryant McKinnie to the Bucs.

At the 3-1, the Bucs are in win-now mode and need help after injuries to Cadillac Williams and Luke Petitgout, but deals of this magnitude in the NFL rarely occur, especially in season. The Vikes could afford to part with Taylor as rookie Adrian Peterson has been strong out of the gate.


Not so much worried about the RB position, but adding Chester Taylor wouldn't hurt at all. I'm not sure how well Donald Penn will do, so adding Bryant McKinnie will be a really good pickup in my opinion. Id just like to see who we give up.

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Trade them Petitgout.......oh wait, he's out for the season as usual. :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao::roflmao: Great pickup.


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Really don't see the bucs doing that unless there trading off a high pick . The Vikings could afford to lose Taylor but i'd say dumb move. as for the Mckinnie not sure.


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Won't happen unless the Vikes get one of their young OLinemen back and a low round pick. They aren't going to just dump everyone.....