Breaking the Code Save_Us. 222


Bench Warmer
For weeks, mysterious videos with encrypted messages have interrupted Raw, SmackDown and ECW and sparked buzz all across the world of sports-entertainment. The messages have varied, but the prophesies have consistently said a couple of things: “SAVE_US.222” and “2ND_COMING.”

There has been a lot of speculation on the identity of the person behind these coded communications. What do they mean? What are we being saved from? Should we rejoice over this “Second Coming”? And should some Superstars get ready for an apocalypse? Apparently, the code will be broken this Monday on Raw, and all will be answered.
I really don't hope they turn this into DX part 2 with their marketing..
Y2J is too great for that, and if that's the case I wish he went to make TNA better..
Y2J wont let WWE mess this up...he wouldnt have come back for anyhting less than the best....he has WAY too much riding on it

WWE messed up bringing back DX they could NEVER be the same

Y2J IS Y2J only HE can mess this up...and he WONT