**Break Complete** -- Auction style group break - Blaster Style - 2 2022 Bowman boxes & 1 2022 Donruss box


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Hello all!

I am going to try to do some blaster group breaks every now and then for the members that are balling on a budget 🙂.

With that being said, anybody interested in trying a TEAM AUCTION STYLE group box break for for ONE BLASTER BOX of 2022 PANINI DONRUSS BASEBALL AND TWO 2022 BOWMAN?

Box Configuration:

2022 Donruss 6 packs per box - 15 cards per pack
2022 Bowman - 6 packs per box -12 cards per pack

Boxes ordered and due Wednesday June 15th

This will work similar to grapler135s group breaks. There are 30 teams and the auction price will start at $1 for each team. Members will have a chance to bid on their teams and the highest bidder will get that team and all cards from that team from the break. MINIMUM BID INCREASE IS $1. BIDDING ENDS AND TEAMS ARE SET IF/WHEN WE REACH THE BOX BREAK PRICE OF $100.

Shipping will be added to the price $4 for first team and free for each additional team.

After you sign up I will add this to the Trade Manager along with my PayPal address. Paypal F&F or Zelle

Note this break will be done using TikTok as I am unable to live steam on Youtube at this time. There will be a link provided.

Please let me know if anybody has any questions.

Arizona Diamondbacks$2grapler135s - PAID
Atlanta Braves$3Brendan1987 - PAID
Baltimore Orioles$2grapler135s - PAID
Boston Red Sox$7bdink - PAID
Chicago Cubs$2grapler135s - PAID
Chicago White Sox$2grapler135s - PAID
Cincinnati Reds$2grapler135s - PAID
Cleveland Guardians$5dad3309@ - Paid
Colorado Rockies$2grapler135s - PAID
Detroit Tigers$3mechjo16 - PAID
Houston Astros$2Therion - PAID
Kansas City Royals$2grapler135s - PAID
Los Angeles Angels$5grapler135s - PAID
Los Angeles Dodgers$2Brendan1987 - PAID
Miami Marlins$5Mcgwirenut
Milwaukee Brewers$3bfd13 - PAID
Minnesota Twins$3bfd13 - PAID
New York Mets$2grapler135s - PAID
New York Yankees$5dad3309@ - PAID
Oakland Athletics$2grapler135s - PAID
Philadelphia Phillies$2grapler135s - PAID
Pittsburgh Pirates$8bdink - PAID
San Diego Padres$5grapler135s - PAID
San Francisco Giants$2grapler135s - PAID
Seattle Mariners$2grapler135s - PAID
St. Louis Cardinals$2grapler135s - PAID
Tampa Bay Rays$8bdink - PAID
Texas Rangers$2grapler135s - PAID
Toronto Blue Jays$5dad3309@ - PAID
Washington Nationals$3Brendan1987 - PAID
$ 100
left to go$ -

Some highlights. Post 38 for more photos



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