Break Complete! 2022 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Pick Your Team Style Group Box Break Contest!


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Hi everybody! Here is a new 2022 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Pick Your Team Style Contest that we are running for the month of April. Here is how the contest will work. There will be a total of 30 spots. All you need to do to qualify to enter the contest is to have at least 1 completed transaction on SCC for the month of April. Now here is the kicker…the draft order will be determined by number of transactions for the month. If you have the most transactions you get first pick from all 30 MLB teams! Second most gets second pick and so on. In the likely event that there are members with the same number of transactions I will randomize to determine when they will choose their teams. There will be a maximum of 30 members entered so if we end up with more than 30 members with transactions it will be the top 30 transaction leaders that will be entered into the contest. In the event that there are multiple people tied for the last spot or spots I will randomize to see who gets the spots.

Bonus…if we end up with less than 30 members with transactions at the end of April…the extra teams will be bonus teams awarded to the members with the MOST TOTAL TRADES for the month of April. So for example if we end up with 29 members who have transactions in April they would each pick one team for this break and the 30th team would be awarded as a bonus team to the monthly trade leader. Or if there are 25 members who have transactions in April they would each pick one team for this break and the remaining 5 teams would be awarded as bonus teams to the top 5 monthly trade leaders allowed to draft them in order from top trader down to number 5.

Hoping this will be a fun contest. Please let me know if anybody has any questions. And let the April trading, buying, selling, and group breaking begin!


Here is the draft order:

1. LarryG - Los Angeles Angels
2. Molitor04x - Tampa Bay Rays
3. Mechjo16 - Boston Red Sox
4. dlackey - San Diego Padres
5. franklinguy52 - Cincinnati Reds
6. gwynn_fan - Los Angeles Dodgers
7. zlw1 - Jake Eddington 1/1 Printing Plate Autograph Card
8. Steelers8873 - Miami Marlins
9. darkman - Toronto Blue Jays
10. prospector9 - Chicago Cubs
11. OldNewRips - New York Yankees
12. Journeyman - New York Mets
13. dad3309@ - Cleveland Guardians
14. dragonslayer913 - St. Louis Cardinals
15. woodman - Washington Nationals
16. Pinetarboys - Philadelphia Phillies
17. Obert22 - Colorado Rockies
18. mcgwirenut - Atlanta Braves
19. DaSoxFan - Chicago White Sox
20. bfd13 - Minnesota Twins
21. bblair_2002 - Detroit Tigers
22. dubby25 - Pittsburgh Pirates
23. zuhenan - Oakland Athletics
24. HoosierBuddy - Seattle Mariners
25. northicehero99 - Baltimore Orioles
26. captkirk42 - Texas Rangers
27. RockysCardboard - Shaquille O’Neal Relic Card
28. PAVI39 - Milwaukee Brewers
29. redwing40 - 49ers Triple Relic Card
30. kclj520 - Arod GU Relic Card
31. Brendan1987 - Houston Astros
32. horfin - Kansas City Royals
33. katester44 - San Francisco Giants
34. ricky_mn - Domingo Leyba 6X Relic Card
35. bdink25 - Arizona Diamondbacks
36. Criollos - Hakim Warrick Autograph Card
37. Jhock - Adam Jennings Autograph Card
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