⚾️ Break Complete! 2021 Bowman Chrome Baseball Pick Your Teams Style Group Box Break


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Hi everybody,

Wanted to see if anybody would be interested in trying a PICK YOUR TEAMS STYLE group box break for ONE HOBBY BOX of 2021 BOWMAN CHROME BASEBALL?

Box configuration:

-12 packs per box
-5 cards per pack
-2 Chrome Autograph Cards per box

Product Info:

Here is how this break will work. There are 15 spots and the price is $20 per spot. Each spot gets you TWO teams! When you sign up for the break you tell me what your first team pick is (from unpicked remaining teams). When all 15 spots fill we will begin picking our 2nd teams in the REVERSE ORDER in which you signed up. So spot 15 will pick their 2nd team first, then spot 14, and so on all the way back to spot 1. You will get all of the cards of the all players from your 2 teams in this break.

This product is scheduled to release on September 22nd. The box has been preordered so we can hopefully do this break right around release day.

Please let me know if anybody has any questions.

1. Los Angeles Angels/Arizona Diamondbacks (pmknox) PAID
2. Chicago White Sox/Oakland Athletics (smitha1)
3. Atlanta Braves/Kansas City Royals (smitha1)
4. St. Louis Cardinals/Milwaukee Brewers (rl16) PAID
5. Pittsburgh Pirates/Cleveland Indians (Steeers8873)
6. Baltimore Orioles/Seattle Mariners (Steelers8873)
7. Los Angeles Dodgers/Chicago Cubs (grapler135s) PAID
8. Detroit Tigers/Minnesota Twins (mechjo16) PAID
9. Miami Marlins/San Francisco Giants (David K.) PAID
10. Washington Nationals/Cincinnati Reds (Butch Buddy) PAID
11. San Diego Padres/Texas Rangers (Butch) PAID
12. Boston Red Sox/Colorado Rockies (LarryG) PAID
13. Tampa Bay Rays/Philadelphia Phillies (criollos) PAID
14. Toronto Blue Jays/Houston Astros (criollos) PAID
15. New York Yankees/New York Mets (mcgwirenut) PAID
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