Football Boxbreakers Hobby FB Group Break - January - COMPLETE


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Hey guys, sorry for the delay but we will continue with the Hobby break which breaks approximately every other month and I am going to move this to a budget of $50 for the first slot, $47 for each additional, and $18 for optional draft slots to pick among the unclaimed teams. This would be a mix of Hobby FB boxes over the last 2 years but probably more of a focus on the current year. The product list would depend on the final number of slots sold but the focus will still be on 2017-2018 products.

Product list (subject to change)
2018 Contenders
2018 Obsidian
2018 Playoff
2018 Optic
2018 Classics
2017 Certified
2017 Certified Cuts
2017 Unparalleled

Payment Deadline: January 14th
Break Date: January 18th

Team List; (Bold = Paid)
Arizona Cardinals - Rareluck
Atlanta Falcons -
Baltimore Ravens - Cardsick45

Buffalo Bills - Rareluck
Carolina Panthers - Deantap
Chicago Bears - Kiansdad
Cincinnati Bengals - Gottabe
Cleveland Browns - Crpalmi
Dallas Cowboys - Sportscloset12
Denver Broncos - Sportscloset12
Detroit Lions - Po10sho
Green Bay Packers - Pavi39
Houston Texans - Gottabe
Indianapolis Colts - KenGraff
Jacksonville Jaguars -
Kansas City Chiefs - Sportscloset12
Miami Dolphins -
Minnesota Vikings -

New England Patriots - Cardsick45
New Orleans Saints- KenGraff
New York Giants - Sportscloset12
New York Jets - Yzerisdaman
Oakland Raiders -
Philadelphia Eagles - Vito

Pittsburgh Steelers - Sportscloset12
St. Louis Rams -
San Diego Chargers -

San Francisco 49ers - Joemontana25
Seattle Seahawks -
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
Tennessee Titans -
Washington Redskins -

Draft Picks;

Packers - Pavi3
Giants - Yzerisdaman
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Okay so had some time to think it over. Keeping Cowboys,Giants,Broncos, and Chiefs. Dropping Steelers and Vikings. Can I pick up two draft spots as well?


3 (100%)
Sorry again for the delay guys, product list has been posted and the boxes have been ordered. May be able to do a weekend break if they arrive in time so let's get the remaining payments in as soon as possible.

By the way if we keep all the claimed teams and sell just a couple more draft slots I will be able to upgrade the 2018 Classics box to a 2017 Unparalleled box to help even out the years a bit.
Ill keep the saints and the colts and Payment will be made in the next 30 minutes. Also can I get all base cards sent in addition to any hits ? Thanks Chris!