Football Boxbreakers Hobby FB Group Break April - COMPLETE


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Hey guys, we continue with the Hobby break which breaks every other month at a budget of $40 for the first slot, $38 for each additional, and $12 for optional drafut slots to pick among the unclaimed teams. This would be a mix of Hobby FB boxes over the last 2 years but probably more of a focus on the current year so we Williams start to transition in some 2018 products most likely in the June break. The product list would depend on the final number of slots sold of course but here's the type of list I was thinking although I am always open to suggestions;

Product list (subject to change)
2017 Prizm
2017 Vertex
2017 Select
2017 Contenders Optic
2016 Phoenix
2016 Limited

Payment Deadline: April 20th
Break Date: April 28th

Team List; (Bold = Paid)
Arizona Cardinals -
Atlanta Falcons -
Baltimore Ravens -

Buffalo Bills - Yzerisdaman
Carolina Panthers - Sportscloset12
Chicago Bears - Crpalmi
Cincinnati Bengals - Gottabe
Cleveland Browns - Crpalmi
Dallas Cowboys - Sportscloset12
Denver Broncos - Sportscloset12
Detroit Lions - Po10sho
Green Bay Packers - Schickfaced
Houston Texans - Cardsick45
Indianapolis Colts - KenGraff
Jacksonville Jaguars - Sportscloset12
Kansas City Chiefs - Cardsick45

Miami Dolphins - Sportscloset12
Minnesota Vikings - Franklinguy52
New England Patriots - Cardsick45
New Orleans Saints- KenGraff
New York Giants - Sportscloset12
New York Jets - Yzerisdaman
Oakland Raiders -
Philadelphia Eagles - Vito
Pittsburgh Steelers - Rabs
St. Louis Rams - Rareluck
San Diego Chargers -
San Francisco 49ers - Joemontana25
Seattle Seahawks -
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -
Tennessee Titans -
Washington Redskins -

Draft Picks;


Bears - Kiansdad
Packers - Pavi3
Jaguars - Rareluck
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I've been trying to post for two days now and I finally can! Not sure what was going on...

I am in with the Steelers and a draft spot!


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I had the same issues, not sure what the issue was.
Sorry about that guys. There was a problem with our CDN so none of the JavaScript files we're loading correctly. Took me a while to trace down the issue and get it fixed. I've now removed the CDN and am loading all files from the TCZ server so that won't happen again.